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We love volunteers!

Together with our staff, you as a volunteer bring a wide and varied range of life experiences to share with our students. Through you, our students are getting to make connections, build relationships, and learn more about their world and the opportunities around them.

If you are interested in general volunteer opportunities, please take a minute to read more about our programs and needs below, and then fill out our Volunteer Interest Form. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Jane DeHart, will follow up with you shortly. We are so excited about your partnering with us in our mission!

Volunteer Interest Form

Specific Programs and Needs

Explorers Volunteer

Explorers meets from Tuesday to Friday throughout the school year. Volunteers are needed to assist Educators and help lead 2nd – 5th graders through various outdoor science education activities. The time commitment is from about 9:30 am to 1 pm on field trip days.

To view the Explorers Volunteer position description, click HERE.

Outdoor Adventure Club Volunteer

OACs meet Wednesday thru Friday afternoons at various schools and partner agencies in the East End. We need volunteers who can commit weekly to the same club for the majority of the semester. Volunteers would be assisting the program staff in leading and teaching an outdoor activity or wilderness skill.

To view the OAC Volunteer position description, click HERE.

Expedition Volunteer

Expeditions take place on Saturdays during the school year. Volunteers would be assisting the program staff in leading and teaching an outdoor activity or wilderness skill in the longer-form space on an as needed basis. The time commitment is generally from about 9 am to 2 pm, but that is subject to change base on the activity of the day.

To view the Expedition Volunteer position description, click HERE.

Outdoor Leadership Institute Volunteer

OLI is a high school leadership program that consists of two weeks during the summer and then service projects one Saturday a month for the rest of the school year. We need volunteers who can commit to being present for the majority of the Saturday meetings. Volunteers would be assisting the program staff in facilitating service projects. The time commitment is generally from 9 am to 2 pm.

To view the OLI Volunteer position description, click HERE.

Event Volunteer

Events at Blue Sky Fund are typically either special programming for our students or fundraising for our programs. We utilize volunteers for these events to do everything from preparation to clean-up. 

Our Volunteer Coordinator will send out more specific information about event volunteer needs at they arise.

Have other questions about volunteering?

Please take a look at our Volunteer Handbook. It will likely answer any other questions you might have.

After that, feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Jane, at with any lingering questions.

We generally hold volunteer trainings at the beginning of each school semester.

Get Your Child Involved

We would love to serve your family with one of our programs!

  • Elementary School Students: 3rd and 5th grade
    students at Chimborazo, George Mason, Miles Jones, Bellevue, Fairfield Court, Woodville, Blackwell, and Oak Grove as well as 2nd and 4th grade students at Chimborazo, George Mason, Bellevue, Fairfield Court, and Woodville attend our monthly Explorer field trips.
  • Middle School Students: If your child is enrolled at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle, Anna Julia Cooper, Henderson Middle, Lucille Brown Middle, Boushall Middle, Elkhardt-Thompson Middle, Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, or Franklin Military Academy (middle school), we already have clubs up and running! Please get in touch with us to join one.
  • High School Students: We recruit ALL high school students for our Outdoor Leadership Institute program, which is also the gateway to volunteering and youth employment at Blue Sky. Please apply today by filling out the nomination/application forms on the OLI program page.
  • If your kids do not attend any of these schools or programs, and you would like us to start a new club, send us an e-mail at or fill out the contact form below!

Partner with Blue Sky

Blue Sky works with a number of schools and other non-profits in the
community to provide great outdoor experiences for urban youth. If you
are a school, agency, or other non-profit working with kids, we would
love to expand our programs as the community asks for them. Just send an
e-mail to, or fill out the contact form below and
we will be in touch! If you are a program provider, outdoor lifestyle or
sports vendor, or can provide meaningful experiences for our youth,
please also be in touch so that we can collaborate.

Contact Us!

Employment Opportunities

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