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Outdoor Adventure Clubs

Also known as “adventuring,” Blue Sky’s Outdoor Adventure Clubs (OAC) engage participants in learning and practicing outdoor adventure skills such as rock climbing, biking, orienteering (map and compass), fire-making, and kayaking. Each club session is designed around a specific theme or skill, and lessons and activities are tailored to meet the interests and abilities of the students in a way that encourages them to explore, learn, and grow.

  • “Outdoor educated” youth in urban areas have shown a 27% increase in measured mastery of science concepts, conflict resolution skills, proper classroom behavior, and their motivation to learn.

  • 25 Partner location sites at natural environments across the Richmond region.

  • 600+ hours of weekly outdoor adventure experiences.

A series of clubs sessions will usually culminate in an Expedition, a day-long or weekend trip into the great outdoors that challenges the youth to use their new found skills in the field. We offer this program during the regular school day and during after school hours, and work with multiple partners - check out active locations below, and if your kids do not attend any of these schools or programs, contact us to express interest in starting a new club:

  • Anna Julia Cooper School
  • Franklin Military Academy
  • Henderson MS
  • Lucille M. Brown MS
  • Martin Luther King Jr. MS
  • Thomas C. Boushall MS
  • Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

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“We did a lot of different activities with OAC and my favorite was camping because we got to pick our food and I like setting up camp and building a tent. I hope to continue building my skills of being outdoors so that I can camp with my family and show them the different skills that I’ve learned by being in Blue Sky Fund programs.”

- MacKayla, 14 years old, Franklin Military Academy Alum.

“I’m grateful for Blue Sky Fund programs because we:
1. Explore new things
2. Have fun
3. Get to know other people
And I can’t wait for the next camping trip!”

- Deshanti Day Brown, Elkhardt-Thompson Middle School.


Check out some of the “adventures” from years past.